★★★★★ Amazing!

So, admittedly, I'm a product of the 80's, so I'm partial to that style of music. So while I can say that this new album has some 80's flair, it's more than that. I would describe it as high energy and eclectic and fresh sounding. A few things that stood out to me: Strong solid vocals. 'Indigestion' has a groove that grabs you. 'Friends' has a captivating melody. 'Daves Dream' is hypnotic and "Pink Floydish". Congratulations DAVE on a wonderful album..... High Energy 

- Jay R.


 ★★★★★ Holy Smokes!

Holly Smoke !!! I am digging your powerfully explosive cool and intoxicating groovy energy field sonic vibrations, awakening the mind and fulfilling the soul vocal projections, transcending the spirit of creativity, within the pure essence of being, connecting the universal cosmic dimension of consciousness ...

- Judus Peace, Reverbnation



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